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Solar queen

Solar Queen

As a modern slot game with an ancient setting theme, Solar Queen does a great job of drawing your attention in and making you forget you’re playing a game.

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Solar Queen

As a modern slot game with an ancient setting theme, Solar Queen does a great job of drawing your attention in and making you forget you’re playing a game.

Solar Queen Slot Review

Solar Queen is another Egyptian themed slot made by Playson, a studio with a huge portfolio of Egyptian themed slot games. Even though Playson has made several Egyptian based slots, they can find and integrate interesting mechanics into every slot they make, and Solar Queen is no exception in this cycle. What’s even more interesting is that this very slot was the inspiration for other Egyptian themed slot games, which is another proof of Playson’s dedication to making great slot games.

Solar Queen is an alias for Cleopatra which is a clever play on the name, the Egyptian’s connection to the sun, and their worship of the sun gods. At the same time, Solar Queen’s backstory explores Cleopatra’s connection to two other gods, namely Anubis and Horus. Even at first glance, the backdrop of the background looks calm and peaceful, taking place at a desert oasis at night.


RTP and Variance

RTP and Variance are at the heart of any slot game. They are the cogs that make the wheel turn under the hood of the slot game. Before setting out to play with real money, try to find information about the RTP and Variance, to make sure they fit your desire and gameplay style.

The RTP rate in Solar Queen is set at 95.78% which falls under the below-average category for the online slot industry. However, this is just a number that indicates the amount of money you can potentially get back for every €100 you spend on the game. It’s extremely easy to calculate. In this case out of €100 spent there is a potential chance of getting €95 back. Do keep in mind that this is just an approximation of the money you can win back, not an exact science.

Variance is the second metric, but it’s not less important than RTP. It dictates how often and how much a slot game has the potential to award you. Solar Queen has a variance of medium to high, which means that the game can award you in the mid-term gameplay with moderate rewards, or reward you less often, but in higher amounts.

You can place bets ranging from €0.20 to €100 which means there’s plenty of room for all kinds of players. Players who want to bet small or are just starting, and players who want to bet big, and have to experience gambling.


Featured Symbols

The featured symbols are the same as you would find in most Egyptian themed slot games. Playson has included several low-paying and high-paying symbols, and we’ll go over all of them so you can get an overview of the values multiplier of each symbol, to make sure that you have an easier time adapting to the game.


J-A symbols

A, K, Q, J, and the number 10 award you 0.10, 0.50, and 1.50 for 3 to 5 symbols


The Animal symbols


Animal symbols award you 0.25, 1.00, and 3.00 for 3 to 5 symbols


The Horus and Anubis Symbol

Horus and Anubis award you 0.25, 1.25, and 3.75 for 3 to 5 symbols


The Cleopatra Symbol

Cleopatra awards you 0.10, 1.00, 2.50, and 10.00 for 2 to 5 symbols


The Wild Symbol

Wild symbol awards you 0.10, 1.00, 2.50, and 10.00 for 2 to 5 symbols


The Sun Symbol

Sun symbol activates flaming frames to transform positions on the reels into Wild symbols


The Golden Scarab Symbol

The Golden Scarab symbol triggers 10 free spins and can appear on reels 1, 3, and 5


The Sun symbol and Golden Scarab are used to trigger the Bonus Game which we will talk about in more detail in the next section. The Wild symbol does not only award you with the given value multiplier, but it also replaces any symbol on the reels except for the Scatter.


Bonus Features

Solar Queen comes with some nice Bonus Features that make the main game more fun to play. Almost all modern slot games come with some sort of Bonus Features or Bonus Game mode but Solar Queen comes packed with some great ones.

As soon as you start the game you will notice a bar above the reels which starts filling up on every single turn. The bar has a total of 10 empty spaces, and it gets full after 10 spins in the main game. This mechanic is connected to the flaming frames which show up at the position the Bonus Sun symbol lands in and leaves a flaming frame behind. These flaming frames remain sticked to the position they landed in until the 10-spin cycle is over.

When the bar is full and 10 spins have passed the symbols which are in the flaming frames are turned into Wild symbols. But this is not all. Each time a new sun symbols lands on the flaming frame, a value multiplier of 1 is added to the game. There’s no upper limit to how many Bonus symbols can land in the flaming frames because the game has a progressive value multiplier.

There is a Bonus Round as well which is triggered when Golden Scarab symbols land in reels 1, 3, and 5, but 3 or more Golden Scarabs need to land for this feature to be triggered. The Bonus Round awards you with 10 free spins and the Sun symbols that land on the reels are turned into sticky wilds.


Graphics and Mobile Compatibility

Solar Queen has good graphics which are minimal and elegant. The one thing missing in the graphics department is an animated background, but once you start playing the game it’s hardly noticeable.

Overall, the visual elements are all presented in HD quality, so there’s no pixelation and the spinning of the reels works very smooth, unlike many other games where you can notice some screen tearing and sluggish reel spinning. The continuous art style which is present in all games by the company is easy on the eyes, but with fun animations on some objects like the flaming frames.

The game is fully mobile compatible with any mobile device, as long as you have an internet connection.


As a modern slot game with an ancient setting theme, Solar Queen does a great job of drawing your attention in and making you forget you’re playing a game. Overall, the gameplay experience in the main game coupled with the Bonus Rounds makes Solar Queen an amazingly fun game which will keep you glued to your screen for hours. Of course, controlled gameplay is advised when playing for real money.

Mobile compatibility makes the game even more fun, simply because you can play the game from anywhere in your house, or outside. As long as you have an internet connection there are no limits to where you can play.

Solar Queen FAQ

Does Solar Queen feature a free spins feature?

Solar Queen has a free spins feature which awards you 10 free spins and makes all Bonus symbols that land on the reels during this round to be transformed into Sticky Wilds.

How volatile is Solar Queen?

Solar Queen has volatility which ranges from medium to high, which makes the game perfectly paced if you want a game that will vary from a moderate pace to a moderate extreme.

What is the RTP of Solar Queen?

Solar Queen has an RTP rate of 95.78% which is below average for the online slots industry. However, this doesn’t mean that the game isn’t rewarding. Solar Queen has other mechanics that severely increase the payout.

Can I play Solar Queen for free?

Solar Queen can be played for free before you decide to spend real money on it. It’s good practice to try out the game for free before playing for real money.

Is there a strategy to playing Solar Queen?

Any strategy that involved measured play and not spending above your limits is a good strategy to use in any slot game.

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