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3021 A.D The Bounty Hunter Gigablox

3021 A.D The Bounty Hunter Gigablox

If you have ever wanted to be a bounty hunter, this slot game offers you the perfect opportunity to become one. For lovers of a good storyline and a good background behind their game, this could be a perfect choice.

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3021 A.D The Bounty Hunter Gigablox

If you have ever wanted to be a bounty hunter, this slot game offers you the perfect opportunity to become one. For lovers of a good storyline and a good background behind their game, this could be a perfect choice.

3021 AD The Bounty Hunter Gigablox Review

Travel far in the future with this great slot game developed by Reflex Gaming for the YGS Masters program by Yggdrasil and released on August 12, 2021. 3021 AD The Bounty Hunter Gigablox slot lets you travel far in the future and play as a bounty hunter named SK-1000. With your fearless sidekick, your job is to spin the wheel and hunt evil mutants while collecting a bundle of bounties.

With a theme set in a dystopian future, in an unwelcoming and desolate tundra, your focus will be fixed on this fun themed gameboard. The game is fully cross-platform, meaning it’s available for both mobile and desktop. You can try it out for free at any licensed online casino powered by Yggdrasil, before deciding to go all-in with your real money. The lowest bet you can place begins at €0.20 but you can put up to €100 if you are feeling lucky. But what about the game’s other features?


RTP and Variance

One of the most important aspects of a slot, is, of course, its RTP and volatility rate. RTP and volatility rate determine how rewarding a slot game can potentially be, which is the prime feature a player would be interested in. The RTP rate, in this case, stands at 96.03% which puts the game in the average category. But average doesn’t necessarily mean boring or non-rewarding. If you decide to try out the game for yourself, you will find that it’s fun and decent, and thus should please a player’s needs.

Volatility rate is the other feature that someone would be interested in. Even though we’re mentioning it second after the RTP rate, doesn’t mean that it’s less important. This Yggdrasil title comes with a low volatility rate which equals smaller payout amounts, which are rewarded more often. This contributes to the dynamic of the game, so if you’re a person that likes to win more often, albeit slightly smaller amounts, this could be the perfect game for you.


Featured Symbols

When it comes to the featured symbols of 3021 AD The Bounty Hunter Gigablox, you will find that they are reminiscent of a sci-fi movie flick set in a dystopian future.

The colourful symbols make up for the desolate tundra featured in the background of the slot game, making the scene of the slot game look vibrant and eye-catching. The background industrial-style music is worth nothing, as it perfectly complements 3021 AD’s storyline.

Furthermore, the gameboard is laid out on 6 reels, 6 rows and a total of 40 paylines. There are four playing card symbols which are the lower-paying symbols. To trigger any sort of win, you have to line up from three, up to six symbols on a pay line. There are several ways to land a win in 3021 AD with the low paying symbols wins ranging from x0.2 to x2 on your stake depending on how many symbols you land from left to right.

There are high-paying symbols presented as a male and female character, named The Green Cyborg and the Blue Vixen with wins on these two symbols starting from x0,4 up to x4. There is a Purple Hulk character reminiscent of Thanos with x0,6 to x6 wins and a Red Devil symbol which serves as the jackpot with an X0.8 to X8 multiplier win. And finally, the wild symbol with an x0,8 to x10 stake multiplier.

The game has a 16.05% hit rate and a maximum win of €3,714 when all the bonuses are triggered. Now that mentioned the Bonus features, let’s delve a little bit deeper into them, and cover them in detail.


Bonus Features

Even though 3021 AD The Bounty Hunter Gigablox has a lot to offer, a slot game can always be more fun. That’s where the Bonus features come into play. Since you’re playing as a bounty hunter, you can find value where others can’t. Your sixth sense allows you to trigger three additional Bonus features.

If you manage to line up more than five “free spin” symbols in a line, you activate the free spins bonus feature. This gameplay mechanic is quite simple and awards you a number of free spins as the number of symbols you aligned on the active pay line.  If you roll six scatter symbols, you win six free spins. It’s also worth noting that the wild symbol substitutes everything except a scatter symbol.

But there’s even more to the free spins. A prize is awarded to the player before the reels are spun, plus any wins during the free spins period are multiplied by x25.

Random Wilds is the next bonus feature in this game. The hunter is basically your team member in this slot game, and he’s positioned to the side of the reels. He may randomly decide to shoot at the reels while they spin and that’s when the random wilds appear. These random wilds may help you in creating a winning combination. This makes the Bounty Hunter a worthwhile ally.

And finally, the third bonus feature – The Bounty Hunter Gigablox Big Blocks. This is the final bonus feature which can multiply your bet by 3,714x. Known under the name Gigablox, the huge symbols can cover up a big chunk of the placed reels at any given time. One Gigablox can absorb reels and allow you to create a mega combination.


Graphics and Mobile Compatibility

This futuristic game features rich visuals with an excellent atmosphere paired with a great soundtrack. The beautifully crafted HD tiles complement the gameplay perfectly, making this slot game very eye-catching. Thanks to the great visuals, the gaming experience is greatly enhanced, and more enjoyable.

Furthermore, 3021 AD The Bounty Hunter Gigablox can be accessed on any mobile device capable of supporting a web browser as well as a desktop with an active internet connection. This means that playing this slot game is possible anywhere from your mobile device.


If you have ever wanted to be a bounty hunter, this slot game offers you the perfect opportunity to become one. For lovers of a good storyline and a good background behind their game, this could be a perfect choice. The story is detailed and well crafted, contributing to the overall gameplay experience.

There are several bonus features that greatly increase the dynamic of the game, and availability on both desktop and mobile makes the game accessible from virtually anywhere independent of your physical location.

3021 A.D The Bounty Hunter Gigablox FAQ

Where can I play 3021 AD The Bounty Hunter Gigablox?

3021 AD Bounty Hunter Gigablox is available for play at a lot of licensed online casinos with our prime recommendation being Yggdrasil casinos. Available to try out for free, before investing real money.

Can strategy be applied to 3021 AD The Bounty Hunter Gigablox?

As with any slot game, your best option is to keep your bets conservative, stay relaxed and enjoy your time playing this fun slot game. Make caution your best friend when playing games of this calibre.

Are there any bonus features in this title?

You can enjoy three bonus features in total when playing this slot. These bonus features are Bounty Hunter Gigablox Free Spins, Bounty Hunter Gigablox Random Wilds, as well as Bounty Hunter Gigablox Big Blox. All listed bonus features greatly contribute to making this slot more fun, and more enjoyable.

Can this slot be played with cryptocurrencies?

3021 AD The Bounty Hunter Gigablox can be enjoyed at many online casinos that support Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Who developed 3021 AD The Bounty Hunter?

3021 AD The Bounty Hunter is an online slot developed by Yggdrasill; a prime game developer trusted by many players around the globe.

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