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Troll Hunters 2

Troll Hunters 2

Troll Hunters 2 is a very good sequel to the original game, but now the gameplay is taken up a notch.

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Troll Hunters 2

Troll Hunters 2 is a very good sequel to the original game, but now the gameplay is taken up a notch.

Troll Hunters 2 Review

The hunt is on once again, as Troll Hunters are back. They are here now to protect their village against the menacing troll that has attacked them for ages.

With this slot by Play’n GO, you will have the chance to team up with the raven-haired Ylva, the mighty warrior Borghild, as well as the ever-so-dangerous Astrid as these women set out to protect their village from all dangers in this stunning new slot.

You will get to enjoy all fearsome Norse warriors in the second edition of Troll Hunters slot machine. The game itself promises a turbo speed ride and a super exciting gaming experience. The reels are also action-packed, so this is an ideal slot for all thrill-seekers. There are some very special features flying across the 5×5 grid. So, we can say that it is time for you to buckle up, you might be in for a wild ride in Troll Hunters 2.


RTP and Variance


Troll Hunters 2 is a relatively new slot, having been released in 2020, so as all modern slots, it gives you the chance to secure some stunning wins. Punters just love the possibility to earn big prizes while playing online slots, so highly volatile games are becoming more and more popular.



Troll Hunters is a very high variance slot, meaning that you will not see frequent wins, but when they do come, they can be life-changing. Secondly, Troll Hunters 2 has an RTP level of 96.50%, which is also good for all players.

Furthermore, Troll Hunters 2 is arguably slightly better from its prequel, but the winning potential is there once again. You can play this slot anywhere from $0.20 to $100 per spin, so high, as well as low-rollers can enjoy it.


Autoplay Function

Also, like is the case with all Play’n GO slots, there is an Autoplay option that allows you to sit back and enjoy the slot spin itself. You can set up to 100 Auto spins.

Of course, you can stop the Autoplay feature at any time, and it can also be stopped if you manage to activate a bonus round.


Featured Symbols

Symbols are what make a certain game look appealing to all players. Troll Hunters has been a major success the first time it was released, so it is understandable that the provider would look to make a second edition.

Now, let’s see the main symbols here. The slot itself is beautifully designed, as you will see snow-capped mountains in the background, and all symbols appear on a 5×5 grid. Symbols in Troll Hunters 2 include horns, helmets, swords, axes, and hammers.


Horn Symbol

Helmet Symbol

Sword Symbol

Axe Symbol

Hammer Symbol

Additionally, there are 3 female Viking warriors – the raven-haired Ylva, the warrior Borghild, and Astrid. All of them can get you payouts of 0.5x, 1x, and 10x your stake for landing 3, 4, or 5 in a combination, respectively.


Raven-Haired Ylva Symbol

Warrior Borghild Symbol

Warrior Astrid Symbol

When you get a win of 3 symbols, the Wild symbol (Odin) will appear in the middle position. It has the power to replace all other regular-paying symbols, but it also has its own payouts. You can get 1x, 3x, and 50x your bet for managing to get 3, 4, or 5 in a combination.


Bonus Features

The game features a Drop Multiplier, so you can increase your wins each round. For every win you get during a round, the multiplier will increase by one. This means that with the first set of wins, you will get a 1x multiplier, the second one will get you 2x, and so on.


Additionally, there are three types of Wilds in Troll Hunters 2. The first one is the standard Wild, and it is the symbol of Odin. Anytime you get three symbols in a winning combination, they will be removed, and the standard Wild will appear where the middle symbol was.

The second type of Wilds are the Multiplier Wilds, and they are represented by the x2 and x3 symbols. You will see one of the Troll Hunters on the side of the reel, and on the opposite side is a charging meter. You fill the charging meter by winning with high-paying symbols.


The Charging Meter

Once you fill the meter, the Troll Hunter on the side will place one of their Wilds over the remaining symbols on the grid. Here, Astrid will reward you with the first, the Standard Wild, while Borghild and Ylva give you x2 and x3 Multiplier Wilds, respectively.

The final Wild is the Troll Wild, and it is triggered during the Win Spin feature, as part of the main bonus feature of Troll Hunters 2.

With this Wild, one of the top three rows will be chosen to be the Bonus row. If you get all symbols cleared out from the row, you will activate this bonus feature. You will need to choose one Troll Hunter to help you, with each giving you a different number of free spins and a different Wild.


The Free Spins Feature

During the free spins round, you will get Win Spins instead of Multiplier Wilds, and once you get a Win Spin, it will be triggered at the end of the free spins round.

During the Win Spin round, a 2×2 Troll Wild will appear on a random location on the grid, and it will be worth the same multiplier as the one you have got from your Troll Hunter.

You can also trigger another Win Spin round by filling the meter once again, and you will see another Troll Wild placed on the grid. If you re-trigger the Win Spin round, the Drop Multiplier from the previous Win Spin will not reset, it will carry on.


Graphics and Mobile Compatibility

Troll Hunters 2 is very similar to the original Troll Hunters slot, as all creatures and characters are present. However, the looks are updated, and we can say that the sequel looks a bit more detailed, so it has a slightly better design.

Of course, it features a Norse mythology theme, fully based on Ylva, Borghild, and Astrid. All of them are trying to protect their village against the menacing troll. There are some nice-looking mountains in the background, with the soundtrack also being epic.

As a new slot, Troll Hunters 2 is fully compatible across all devices, so you won’t have any problem loading it from your mobile phone at any time.


Troll Hunters 2 is a very good sequel to the original game, but now the gameplay is taken up a notch. It is much more thrilling and exciting, with the winning potential even bigger. It is a highly volatile game, but the cluster format gives you the chance to win quite often.

One thing is for sure – you won’t be bored when playing this slot, so if you want some excitement, make sure to give Troll Hunters 2 a go.

Troll Hunters 2 FAQ

How volatile is Troll Hunters 2?

Troll Hunters 2 is a highly volatile game.

Does Troll Hunters 2 feature free spins?

Yes, the free spins round in Troll Hunters 2 is activated by clearing the row of symbols where the word Bonus is found.

Do I need to download Troll Hunters 2 to play it?

No, you don’t need to download any additional software, you can play Troll Hunters from your mobile and web browser.

Can I play Troll Hunters for free?

Yes, there is a demo version of Troll Hunters 2 that allows you to play without wagering real money.

What is the maximum payout in Troll Hunters 2?

The maximum payout in Troll Hunters 2 is 5,000x your total stake.

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